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Kiser Shelton & Kristen Moser: Junior

Kristen Moser:

Kristen Moser was born in Union County on November 27, 2002, to Bruce and Julie Moser. She is currently 17 years old, a senior in high school, and an assistant teacher at US Taekwondo Academy where she takes Taekwondo classes. She enjoys all things Taekwondo, singing, dancing, and acting in small play parts. Kristen already has a head start on getting into a nursing program and plans to go to nursing school so she can sustain herself while still pursuing her dream of being a Taekwondo teacher. 

Kiser Shelton:

Kiser Shelton is a Senior at Union Academy and has gone there since kindergarten. He loves his school and even represents it as it’s Student Body President. He hopes to study musical theater in college because entertainment is his passion. He is super excited to be a part of Dancing in the Clover and is proud of all the work accomplished with the help of his partner Kristen and dance teacher, Mrs. Beeson!