Union County 4-H Foundation

Kyle Stokes: 

Kyle is a homeschool junior. He is a student at Shanan Classical Tutorials and SPCC's dual enrollment program.  He has been a 4-Her for 9 years with his brother. He plays piano, guitar, and ukulele. He enjoys making music and drawing digital sketches. He works out of his home as a piano and ukulele teacher.

Kyle started in 4-H when he was 8 years old in the Southern Ark Explorers. There he learned bee keeping, safety, gardening, livestock, and public speaking. He also was able to raise chickens and rabbits, learning valuable skills.  He participated in presentations at the county, district, and state levels.  This allowed him to gain more knowledge on public speaking with topics such as health, music, and history. He gained leadership skills through the Career training programs. The talent showcases strengthened his love of music, gain performance experience and even experience as a judge more recently! 
His dance training includes taking the Southeast Charlotte Youth & Adult Social Dance class twice a month for the past two years. There he has learned the East Coast Swing and line dances. He is thrilled to delve deeper into dance learning the Cha-Cha and Salsa with Miss Karolina. 
Kyle couldn't imagine his childhood without 4-H. He is thrilled to participate in this competition with his fellow 4-Her and friend, Madison whom he has been in the program with all 9 years! He wants to do this to raise funds for a program he knows will help so many youth. He has benefited from these programs for so long, and sees what amazing adventures that can happen when you participate in 4-H. 

Madison Evans: 

Dance experience- 2016 DITC youth showcase exhibitor, 5 years of formal dance training in her early years. (4-9) 

Madison Evans Is 18 years old and has been a member of Union County 4-H for 9 years. She is graduating this spring and this is her last year in 4-H. Madison lives on a horse farm with her family and is homeschooled. Her 4-H experiences includes being the president of her 4-H club, teen reporter for the Union County Teen Council, Sr. Delegate for South-Central horse advisory council, Youth Delegate for Union County advisory board, 4-H Ambassador and exhibitor for Dancin’ in the clover, 4-H Ambassador for Farm City Night, Congress, a member of Honor club and CIT for our Summer fun program this summer in Union County, creative arts competitor, 4-H horse show competitor as well as being a Jr. leader at Millstone 4H horsemanship camp for 3 years. This past summer she was 1 of 3 NC 4-Hers selected to travel to Japan for an international exchange trip. That experience happened only because of 4-H. 

Madison’s passion is Horses. She has been riding since the age of 5 and has been competing since 9. She now rides, trains, and shows in USDF recognized shows with her 5year old Oldenburg Horse Duval. Together this year they are going after their bronze medal. Her plans are to continue in the equestrian field while exploring and learning more Japanese culture through language and international studies. 

Kyle Stokes & Madison Evans: Junior 

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